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Cosmetology-CIP 12-0401

The Cosmetology Course is a 1500 hour training program that is a complete study of all areas of Cosmetology and their related sciences. It is our objective to not only provide the student with the knowledge of the support sciences and require skills to become a licensed Cosmetologist, but to also provide the student with an understanding of job related skills; and basic business and marketing information necessary to succeed in the competitive current job market.

The Department of Education requires all schools to give certain consumer information to all students and prospective students. A list of the required information and where it can be found in the school catalog is found below. A copy of the complete catalog is available for download here.

Licensing Requirements

Not less than 17 years of age

Is of good moral character

Has an education equivalent to ninth grade

Has completed 1500 clock hours in a school or 2 years in an approved apprentice program

Has passed the required examinations approved by the Board

Cosmetology Course Cost

Tuition/Fees $13,015.00

Books/Equipment $1,985.00

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Completion Overall

(Meets the NACCAS threshold of 50%)

# Scheduled to Complete in 2011: 75

# Who Completed: 39

Individual Rate: 52%

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Placement Overall

(Meets the NACCAS threshold of 60%)

2011 Grads: 18


Individual Rate: 67%

* Upon completion of the course, the student is required to apply on line for the first year license; the cost is $ 39.00. The Licensing Exam is administered by PSI Testing Services; the Exam Fee is $ 144.00. There is also the cost of purchasing your uniform, which consists of black pants, pink collared shirt, white lab coat, black socks and shoes.